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Fantastic Mead & Cider made from real Honey & Produce from local farms around us (Often with us in the field picking it!)

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Dark Apples – Cider

This is a VERY unique cider, as far as we know we are the only people brewing in this style!  To make Dark Apples we take freshly pressed apple cider from Woolf Farms in Salem OH and then we reduce it into apple syrup on a maple syrup evaporation boiler, we then brew with that apple syrup with added apple blossoms to add a hint of bitterness.  Once it is finished fermenting we back sweeten with apple molasses we also make out of the original cider.

This cider is dark with notes of caramel, a hint of bitterness and a full-bodied taste.  This is a favorite of our partner Marcus, he always grabs whatever is left of the bottle after tasting events to “sample”, and if he is cooking you can bet he will find a way to incorporate some Dark Apples into it!

Dark Apples goes great with a meal or on its own (and of course to cook with!), it is best served at room temperature, but it also is good warmed up as a mulled wine on the cooler evenings.

Bottle Size375mL

Citrus Kiss - Mead

This is one of the first mead’s we ever produced, and it has been a customer favorite!  We make Citrus Kiss by hand zesting bags on top of bags of little cutie clementine's, then peel them and juice them, we add the zest and the juice in with our honey to ferment.  This semi-dry mead is refreshing and carries the citrus taste well with it

This Clementine mead is a sleeper, you will want to toss it back and you won't remember this is a 12% ABV mead until it hits you after! This mead has a very strong, clean clementine taste that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Bottle Size375mL

Peach - Mead

What do you do when a local farmer calls you up with 800 pounds of peaches that are too ripe for market? You swing by and buy them, then don't sleep for four days!

This peach mead is simply made with peaches from Woolf Farms and our honey. The peach flavor is delicate. This is on the sweeter side and goes great with food or by itself.

We generally serve this Mead at room temperature or slightly chilled (We serve it at 60 degrees for our tastings).

Bottle Size375mL

Road to Hell - Mead

Heavily caramelized habanero infused honey, this one is SPICY! HATEfully spicy! It hurts to drink it, but it has a surprisingly good flavor with excellent mouthfeel and a complex taste to enjoy while your eyes water especially since the heat keeps building.

Is it worth the pain? We would say no, and yet we keep drinking it! Other uses include bear spray, insect repellent, and gag gifts for the person who has everything.

If you want to drink this, serve VERY small samples and have a fire extinguisher ready! We often cook with this, 1-2 tablespoons will nicely spice up many dishes!

Bottle Size375mL

Apple Pie - Mead

A fantastic dessert, watching TV, or sitting around a campfire Mead!  This Cyser is made with fresh apple cider pressed for us by Woolf Farms in Salem OH and paired with our Honey and then lightly spiced with Cinnamon, Cloves and Allspice.

This is a favorite of our partners Dan & Melinda!  After a hard days work in the brewery this is the one we often reach for as we head down to the campfire to relax for a bit before calling it a day.

We generally serve this Mead at room temperature or slightly chilled (We serve it at 60 degrees for our tastings).

Bottle Size375mL

The rest of the amazing brews below this are all currently out of stock. Since we brew with fresh local ingredients from the local farms around us, we frequently will run out of a favorite brew and cannot quickly replace it because we have to wait for the next crop!

If you want to see what is brewing now, check out our currently brewing page!

Bochet - Mead

Out of stock, haven't started the next one yet 🙁

This is a great summer sipper!  This is our first Hydromel coming in at only 6% ABV which means you can actually drink a bottle or two without falling asleep under the nearby bushes!

This Bochet is made by heavily caramelizing the honey before brewing with it, this gives this mead a caramel flavor with a hint of bitterness.  This is a traditional mead, so it was made with just honey/water/yeast. This is also our first carbonated mead.

We have not back sweetened this mead, so it is as dry as the yeast could take it, however it still has residual sweetness from the caramelized sugars the yeast could not process.

We would recommend serving this mead cold, also given that this is a lower alcohol mead we would not recommend cellaring it, but to just enjoy it!

Bottle Size355mL

Jack 'O Melomel - Mead

Out of stock, We were not able to get a pumpkin crop in 2022, so this one won't be available again until 2024!

This is our pumpkin mead, this is a sweet mead made with real pumpkins from Rainbow Farms back sweetened with our local honey and lightly spiced with  pumpkin pie spices.

This is a limited release, we expect to sell out of this fairly quickly!

This Mead is great slightly chilled, or warm it up like a mulled wine and see the pumpkin and spices really come through!

Bottle Size375mL

Raven's Choice - Melomel

Out of stock, won't be back until after blueberry harvest in 2023

This has been a customer favorite!  Raven’s Choice is a Blueberry Melomel, this is a semi-dry Mead bursting with blueberry flavor.  This was made with blueberries that we picked at Rainbow Farms in Perry OH as well as blueberries we picked from Voytko Farms in Auburn Township OH and it is paired with our Honey.

When we make this, we are literally dumping multiple five-gallon buckets of fresh blueberries into the batch we are brewing, we did not hold back on the berries!  This mead is a dark red color and a complex flavor.

Many customers tell us that this Mead tastes similar to some red wines they have had, and it is currently the only Mead we produce that has similar characteristics to a red wine.

We find that this mead goes great with a meal, it pairs very well with heavy sauces, cheeses and more.  We serve this at either room or cellar temperatures.

Bottle Size375mL

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Nothing short of SPECTACULAR, AMAZING! Sitting around the brewers table with these enthusiastic entrepreneurs while sipping their delightful creations was the best date night ever! Learned a lot, laughed a lot, enjoyed every minute! This is an experience that should not be missed!!

— Lori (OpenTable review)

Three Sips Brewing is a creative meadery in a rustic, rural setting. They follow ancient traditions with modern awareness of chemistry to make unusual, flawless meads. Spending an evening here is delightful.

— PW44024 (OpenTable review)

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