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What’s Brewing!

Currently Brewing

Everything here is still in-process and will be bottled up in the next few weeks to months. Many times we will serve samples of some of these during our tasting events!

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Citrus Kiss – Melomel
This Clementine mead is a sleeper, you will want to toss it back and you won’t remember this is a 12% mead until it hits you after! This mead has a very strong, clean clementine taste that will leave you feeling refreshed.
12% ABV

Peach Pie – Melomel
Lightly spiced reduced and caramelized peaches with caramelized honey. This will be a very rich mead reminiscent of pie with vanilla undertones.
12% ABV

Spicy Peachka – Melomel
Peach mead with a hint of spice from the smoked habanero honey. The spice is mild, but just enough to really bring out the flavor of the peaches.
12% ABV

Peach – Country Wine
Caramelized peaches and sugar with cinnamon and nutmeg.
12% ABV

Hate – Capsicumel
Heavily caramelized habanero infused honey, this one is SPICY! HATEfully spicy! It hurts to drink it, but it has a surprisingly good flavor with excellent mouthfeel and a complex taste to enjoy while your eyes water especially since the heat keeps building. Is it worth the pain? We would say no, and yet we keep drinking it! Other uses include bear spray, insect repellent, and gag gifts for the person who has everything.
15% ABV

Whole Hive – Traditional
This is the next batch of our hit recipe for a traditional Mead. Whole Hive is a crisp clean traditional on the semi-sweet side with great aroma. This mead went with about everything and was awesome to cook with.
12% ABV

Coffee – Coffemel
This is our first try at a coffee Mead so we don’t yet know fully what its going to taste like, but we are betting on it being AWESOME! The idea for this came out of trying to sell Mead at the farmers market at 8am and the fact that for some reason people don’t want to drink that early… Our fix is to make a breakfast Mead! Stay tuned as we see this one develop.
7% ABV

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