Our Story…

Three Sips Brewing was born in 2020 as a joint venture between Dan and Melinda Zikursh of Midgard Farms and Marcus and Meagan Weidner of Mutual Weirdness Farm. The roots of our adventure began with some inadvisable beekeeping together with brewing wild crabapple cider in our farm driveway that turned out better than any commercial cider we had ever tasted!

We have spent 2020-2021 building our brewing facility (hosted at Mutual Weirdness Farm) and learning that EVERY SINGLE THING WE BREW needs an “other” checkbox! Seriously… Dan (our head brewer) loves nothing more than finding some rare ingredient we can find/grow that makes a brew the likes you have never tasted, but that doesn’t fit into any box on any form out there!

Given the strong connections we have in our local farming community, we are brewing with the freshest best ingredients, most are hand picked by us and processed the day they were picked to pack the most taste into the brew you will hold in your hand.

We look forward to serving you as we grow, and we hope you enjoy the esoteric recipes we so enjoy creating!

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