Tasting Events

Tasting Event

Spend two hours with our Head Brewer Dan Zikursh as we taste our way through 7-10 different Meads & Ciders in a very intimate setting (Maximum of 6 people per event!).

Enjoy tasting the weird as we go from our standard Semi-Sweet Blueberry mead to a tart crab apple cider we call “Super Crabby”, taste brews that are still actively fermenting and if you are brave enough, try one of our epic crazy spicy/smoky meads!

You won’t soon forget this experience, between the unique tastes, the stories and the character brought by Dan!

*** To attend, please make a reservation below! ***

Tastings are held at our production facility… literally at the table where we make the Meads & Ciders

Tastings will be held every Tuesday and Friday evening starting at 7:00pm and will run until around 9:00pm… possibly a bit later if you want 🙂

The event is $30/person and includes the samples and snacks to clean your palette (We will have Vegetarian and Gluten Free snack options). We will have bottles for sale after the event.

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