What’s Brewing

There is lots going on in the brewery! We wanted to give a preview into what is currently being served at our tasting events and what is currently brewing that will be ready soon!

Currently serving at tastings…

Below are the different brews we have been serving, however please note, we may substitute or add different ones based on availability.

Super CrabbyCiderThis is make from 100% wild crab apples harvested at Mutual Weirdness Farm. This is a tart, complex drink that goes well with any heavy meal, or as a sipper in small quantities. 10% abv
Sages/Crab AppleCyserVery nice combo of eating apples from Sages Apple Orchard and crab apples from Mutual Weirdness Farm, this is in the Cyser style with honey added as well. This has a hint of tartness with a sweetness to even it out. 13% abv
Old Ass AppleCyserWhat happens when you brew some cider and then….. forget it??? Old Ass Apple happens! This one has a complex flavor including what may be butterscotch along with other tasting notes. 14% abv
Cran AppleCiderWe brewed this for Thanksgiving dinner, but honestly you can drink this anytime! This is a traditional cider with cranberry juice added, it gives it LOTS of tart and would pair amazing with your next big meal. 10% abv
Pie AppleCiderThis is a favorite, its as close to a sweet cider as we tend to make that is using apples out of a neighbors field, honey and slightly spiced. This is a great dessert wine or just drinking with friends cider. 13% abv
CitricideMelomelThis Clementine mead is a sleeper, you will want to toss it back and you won’t remember this is a 12% mead until it hits you after! This mead has a very strong, clean clementine taste that will leave you feeling refreshed. 12% abv
Raven’s ChoiceMelomelSemi-Sweet Blueberry Mead. This is an awesome sipping mead with clear crisp blueberry notes, phenomenal color and a clean finish. 16% abv

Currently Brewing…

All of these are in process and many of these don’t have real names yet. During our tasting events sometimes we will serve samples of these “in-process” brews!

NameStyle Description
Spicy PeachkaMelomelPeach mead with a hint of spice from the smoked habanero honey. The spice is mild, but just enough to really bring out the flavor of the peaches. We have been sampling this one during the tastings and it has consistently been a group favorite.
Peach PieMelomelLightly spiced reduced and caramelized peaches with caramelized honey. This will be a very rich mead reminiscent of pie with vanilla undertones.
HateCapsicumelHeavily caramelized habanero infused honey, this one is SPICY! HATEfully spicy! It hurts to drink it, but it has a surprisingly good flavor with excellent mouthfeel and a complex taste to enjoy while your eyes water especially since the heat keeps building. Is it worth the pain? We would say no, and yet we keep drinking it! Other uses include bear spray, insect repellent, and gag gifts for the person who has everything.
Whole Hive Standard MeadMeadA sweet standard Mead, just honey, water, yeast, and pollen this has the smell of a warm bee hive on a hot August evening.
Peach Country WineCountry WineCaramelized peaches and sugar with cinnamon and nutmeg. This one just kicked off, but it smells absolutely amazing right now!
Hot Blooded Viking Capsicumel Habanero infused honey brewed with cherries. This mead is quite spicy, but not nearly as spicy as Hate while still packing quite the punch! There is layer upon layer of flavor in here to continue to enjoy after the initial heat is gone.
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