Halloween 2023

Halloween/Samhain 2023

November 4th from 3 PM – Midnight

Come celebrate Halloween/Samhain with us!

We invite you to our Brewery and Farm to to enjoy food, drinks, ceremonies, and wildcrafting. Come meet others with similar interests and enjoy the land before the winter sets in!

Schedule (All events are optional, join the ones that sound fun!):

  • 3pm – Head up into the woods for an informal ceremony to remember those we have lost over the last year
  • 4pm – Take a walk around the farm to find and discuss plants that can be used for wildcrafting
  • 6pm – Dinner
  • 7pm : Midnight – Socialize around the fires

Caldron cooking at its finest!

Dinner ($20 to eat):

Dinner Menu:

Mashed Potatoes
Hunters Stew (Cooked in a caldron over the fire)
Borscht (Cooked in a caldron over the fire)
Chili (Cooked in a caldron over the fire)

We will be serving dinner family style, that being said, we will not be able to make alterations to what is being served, but you are welcome to bring your own food as well!


If you are planning to come to our dinner, you need to register below for it! We only know how much food to prepare based on who registers here.

Please click the button below to register for dinner

Wild Goldenrod growing along and old wooden fence


Come join us on a walk around the farm to learn what wild things can be used (and we would love to hear from you what plants/etc you make use of in your practice!).

We will be looking at wild edibles, functional uses (cordage/etc), and medicinal plant uses.

If you plan to attend this walk, please make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes to be walking through the woods and fields (We suggest hiking boots/barn boots and long pants). We will be going over uneven terrain and the walk will be about a mile long.

You are more than free to harvest under our direction if you want! 🙂

Relaxing around the fire!


As it gets towards dark, we will get the fires going and you are more than welcome to hang out and drink some fantastic Mead & Cider, chat with your new friends or just stare into the fire!

If its a clear night, star gazing at our farm is fantastic as we have very little light pollution and if you walk a few feet away from the fire you will be engulfed in the vastness of the sky!

We hope you will join us and celebrate the year with us, remember any you may have lost this year, learn some new skills, and enjoy the company of everyone else that comes! If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us!


Is the event free?

It is free to come to the event, however if you would like to have dinner, please register by following the link above!

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! The kids can have fun on the wildcrafting walk, or just hanging out around all of our animals.

Why isn’t your Halloween event on October 31st?

Halloween was traditionally a solar (cross quarter day) event which this year would fall on November 7th which is a Tuesday this year. We know its hard for most people to get off work to come for a celebration during the week so we made it during the closest weekend (And we don’t have a valid alcohol permit on Sunday, so YAY Saturday the 4th it is!)